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Turkey holiday illness


  • Have you suffered any type of holiday illness in Turkey?

  • Has your holiday in Turkey been ruined by sickness and diarrhoea?

  • Were you staying in a package holiday hotel in Turkey when your illness occurred?

Turkey rivals Spain as one of the most popular tourist destinations for British holidaymakers but during the past two years it has been under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons with an increase in the number of Turkey holiday illness claims.

Salmonella food poisoning is a common type of holiday illness in Turkey and some hotels have seen repeated outbreaks of illness over a short period of time. Many holidaymakers are attracted by all inclusive hotel deals which include all food and drinks, only to suffer food poisoning and holiday illness during their stay. However careful you are to avoid sickness abroad, when food is handled, stored and prepared without due care and attention, it can quickly become contaminated.

Anne Thomson, holiday claims expert with Farnworth Rose Solicitors, says “Many more cases of salmonella in Turkey are reported during the summer months and holidaymakers are most at risk when food is left out at high temperatures, which provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.”

“Flies and other insects can easily contaminate food if it is left out uncovered and undercooked meat is another major cause of food poisoning abroad.”

Food poisoning results from eating infected food or drinking contaminated liquid and cases of salmonella food poisoning abroad have increased generally in the past five years. Many outbreaks of holiday illness in Turkey occur in all inclusive hotels where food is often served buffet style. Buffet style food is likely to cause food poisoning if it is undercooked, particularly chicken, or served lukewarm or left uncovered.  If cold food is not chilled to the correct temperature this too can give rise to illness.

Food contamination often results from food being reheated or from cross contamination when different foods are prepared on the same chopping boards or when raw meat juices are allowed to drip on to ready to eat foods in the fridge.Common types of holiday illness in Turkey include salmonella food poisoning, e coli, cryptosporidium, shigella and campylobacter which, if contracted, can completely ruin your holiday abroad.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer food poisoning at a holiday hotel in Turkey, you should report your illness immediately to the holiday tour representative and gather as much evidence as possible from other holidaymakers. If an outbreak of illness occurs, your claim could carry much more weight if other holidaymakers have suffered the same symptoms as you after eating the same food.

If you suffer any type of illness in Turkey and you feel the tour operator or hotel was to blame, Anne Thomson at Farnworth Rose can help you claim compensation from the tour operator. Working on a no win, no fee basis, it will not cost you a penny to claim with us and Anne will guide you through the paperwork and claims procedure. Call us on: 080001 54321 or fill in the online claim form.


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